Send a batch payment

This section describes the steps involved in sending a batch payment using Ripple Payments Direct.


A validated batch payment file as described in Create a batch payment file.

1. Get quote

  1. Click the Payments tab.
  2. Click Create Payment > Batch .
  3. Click Browse and select the file containing the batch payment information you want to send.
  4. Click Get Quote .

Batch payment file

2. Review quote

Review the FX rate, service fee, and amount received in the quote details.

Quote details example:

Batch quote details example

1 - Foreign exchange (FX) rate: The average rate at which the source currency is exchanged for the destination currencies.
2 - Ripple service fee: The total fee Ripple charges for this batch payment transaction.
3 - Amount received: The total amount (per currency) received by the beneficiaries.

3. Accept quote and monitor payment status

Click Accept Quote.


The Payments page lists all (batch) payments, with the most recent payment on top. After you accept the quote, you can select your payment and in the payment details you'll see the payment hopper on the right. The payment hopper shows each payment state transition and the elapsed time between the payment states. Changes in green show successful states, changes in red show stalled or failed states.

Batch payment hopper

As soon as the payment transaction is settled, the status column will show Completed, which indicates that all payments in the batch have been successful and that funds have been moved. If any of the payments within the batch have failed or are still in progress, the status column will show Failed or In Progress accordingly. Click the Payment ID for details on why the payment has failed.

Batch payment complete

4. Optional: Investigate and create report

This section provides instructions for gathering payment details, understanding payment events, and creating reports.

  • To verify the payment details, click your payment's ID and then Payment Object JSON .
    In the RippleNet Payment Object (RPO), you'll find information related to your payment, such as user information and fees.

    Payment Object JSON

  • To verify the details of the event trail related to the payment, click your payment's ID and then Event Trail JSON . The event trail lists the types of events that happen during a payment transaction, including a timestamp and event status.

    Event Trail JSON

  • To look at pre-generated reports for Ripple Payments Direct transactions:
    1. Click Monthly Statement .
    2. Select the Date range (following UTC time) and Format for your report.
    3. Click Download .

    Monthly statement

    For detailed information on the Payment operations report data fields, see Monthly statement.