Create a batch payment file

This section describes the steps involved in creating a batch payment file that's required to send batch payments using Ripple Payments Direct.

With batch payments, you can get a quote for multiple payments (and different payout currencies) and process them all at once, instead of requesting a quote for every single payment; hence, batch payments significantly reduce the time and effort required to send large volume payments. Batch payments also provide faster time to value for customers without an API integration.

  1. In Ripple Payments UI click the Payments tab.
  2. Click Create Payment > Batch .
  3. Follow the instructions in the How it works section.
    1. Download the batch payment template file .
    2. Enter the payment details .
    3. Upload your file.
  4. To check your file for data validation errors and (subsequently) send the batch payment , click Get Quote .
  5. Only if you see error messages in the Ripple Payments UI:
    1. In your local file copy, correct all errors according to the error message(s) and save the file copy.
      See the image below for example errors.
    2. In the Ripple Payments UI, click the trash can icon (trash can) icon to delete the erroneous file.
    3. Upload the corrected version of the file.
    4. Once again, click Get Quote to send the batch payment.

    Batch payment errors

Template file

After you click Download Template, select your beneficiaries' payout currency to download the appropriate template file. Ripple Payments Direct currently offers three different templates that group the following payout currencies:

Template 1 Template 2 Template 3
PHP -- Philippine Peso
(up to 2,650,000 PHP per day and beneficiary )
EUR -- Euro
(up to 45,000 EUR per day and beneficiary)
INR -- Indian Rupee
(up to 4,000,000 INR per day and beneficiary)
VND -- Vietnamese Dong
(up to 2,400,000,000 VND per day and beneficiary)
GBP -- British Pound
(up to 45,000 GBP per day and beneficiary)

For example, you can add all beneficiaries (up to 100 per file) that will be paid out in PHP and/or VND to the same file, and all beneficiaries (up to 100 per file) that will be paid out in EUR and/or GBP to the same file.

Payment details

  1. Duplicate and rename the downloaded template file to keep the template separate from your actual batch payment.
    For data validation purposes, you must save and upload the file in either xls or xlsx file format.
  2. Open the renamed duplicate file.
  3. Create one entry per row for each beneficiary you want to include in this batch payment (up to 100 per file).
    For details on the fields you must fill out to create a payment beneficiary entry, see the following topics:

    Make sure to enter information for all beneficiaries (up to 100 per file) that can be paid out in the currencies specific to that template. This way, you can avoid maintaining and storing multiple files for the same payout currency but different beneficiaries.