Documentation change history

This page summarizes notable changes to the documentation by date. Most recent changes appear first.

November 2023

Updated the following pages to document the ability to now create deposit and withdrawal transfer requests from the Liquidity Hub UI:

October 2023

Added the following pages to document the Liquidity Hub sandbox environment:

September 2023

  • Fixed a documentation bug in the API reference that incorrectly represented the endpoint used to retrieve the balance of a specific asset in your Liquidity Hub portfolio. The endpoint was listed as /balance/{asset} , but the correct endpoint is /balances/{asset} . This bug is now fixed.
  • Updated the Users documentation to include the newly added Trade Execution user permission.

June 2023

  • Updated Trades page documentation to describe the newly added feature of creating trades from the Liquidity Hub UI .

April 2023

  • Added a tutorial that covers how to use the Liquidity Hub API to get a destination wallet address to use for crypto asset deposits.

March 2023

Liquidity Hub documentation public launch 🎉

January 2023

Added the following pages:

December 2022

  • Added a tutorial that covers how to use the Liquidity Hub API to retrieve digital asset balances.

October 2022

September 2022

  • Added a Tutorials section with detailed tutorials on how to get an auth token, request a quote, and execute a quote.

August 2022

July 2022

June 2022

Version 1.0.0 launched 🎉