UI sandbox environment

The Liquidity Hub UI sandbox environment provides a safe, controlled environment where you can become familiar with the platform's features. You can use the sandbox to explore Liquidity Hub's trading capabilities, user management, API credential management, and more. You can access the sandbox at sandbox.liquidityhub.ripple.com.

Access credentials

When your Ripple liaison creates your sandbox account you will receive an email to create a new password for your Liquidity Hub account. You can then log into the Liquidity Hub UI using your email as the username and the password you created.

User management

The first user from every organization is set up as an Administrator. An Administrator user in Liquidity Hub has all available permissions automatically assigned to them. This user can then invite other members of their organization to set up accounts in Liquidity Hub. The Administrator can choose to give the same level of permissions for other users, or choose from the available permissions on an as-needed basis. For more information, see User management.

Trading in the sandbox environment

The portfolio balance in the sandbox environment comes from simulated funds. You can request quotes and execute trades using these simulated funds. You can't deposit funds to or withdraw funds from the sandbox environment.


The quote prices you receive in the sandbox environment don't reflect market prices.

Production-only features

The following feature(s) are currently available for use only in the production environment:

  • Crypto asset deposits and withdrawals: Although the Transfers page is available in the sandbox environment, you shouldn't request deposits or withdrawals of the simulated funds from this environment. Any withdrawal requests you place will be rejected.