On the Transfers page in the Liquidity Hub UI, you can create new transfer requests for crypto asset deposits or withdrawals in your account. You can also see the list of past crypto and fiat transfers for your account.

Transfer crypto assets

To transfer crypto assets, get the destination wallet address to deposit crypto or request a crypto withdrawal from the Transfers page.


To request a transfer, you must either be an Administrator or have the Withdrawals permission at the view and edit levels assigned to you. Check your permissions before you begin.

Get the wallet address for deposits

To get the wallet address for a crypto deposit:

  1. On the Transfers page, click New transfer .
  2. On the Deposit tab in the New transfer dialog, use the asset drop-down list to select the asset that you want to deposit.

The next screen displays the destination wallet address where you can transfer the crypto asset you want to deposit. After the destination wallet receives your deposit, your balance for that crypto asset is updated on the Portfolio page.

Withdraw a crypto asset

To withdraw a crypto asset:

  1. On the Transfers page, click New Transfer .
  2. On the Withdrawal tab, use the asset drop-down list to select the asset that you want to withdraw.
  3. On the next screen, enter the following information:
    • Withdrawal amount: The amount of the crypto asset you want to withdraw. The available balance of the asset is shown under the text field.
    • Withdrawal to: The wallet address where you want to receive the withdrawn crypto asset.
  4. In the confirmation dialog, review the withdrawal details and click Withdraw asset where the asset represents the symbol of the asset you are withdrawing. For example, if you are withdrawing ETH, click Withdraw ETH .

After your request has successfully processed, you will receive the crypto asset in your wallet.

Transfer information

The columns of the transfers list table offer more information about each transfer.

Column Description
Timestamp The time at which the status of the transfer was last updated. Specified in UTC.
Type Debit: Represents a withdrawal of fiat funds or crypto assets from your account.
Credit: Represents a deposit of fiat funds or crypto assets into your account.
Transfer ID The unique ID that identifies this transfer.
Network fee The amount of network fees incurred to complete the crypto asset deposit transaction. Network fees only apply to crypto asset deposit and don't apply to crypto withdrawals or fiat transfers.
For more information about network fees, see Fees for crypto asset transfers.
Amount The amount of assets withdrawn from or deposited to your Liquidity Hub account.
Status The status of the transfer. The status can be either Completed or Failed.

Download transfers

To download the list of transfers, click Download above the list of transfers. A .csv file containing all available transfers will be available in your Downloads folder.

Display more transfers

By default, the Transfers page displays 25 transfers per page. If more transfers are available, you can access them in the following ways:

  • Increase number of results per page : At the bottom left of the page, use the dropdown menu to select the desired number of results to display per page.
  • Access subsequent pages of results : At the bottom right of the page, use the arrows or the page selector dropdown menu to go to a different page of results.