API sandbox environment

The Liquidity Hub API sandbox environment is a safe and controlled space to become familiar with the endpoints and their functionality, and plan your integration. All production API endpoints are available in the sandbox environment.

Sandbox environment authentication and API credentials

All Liquidity Hub API endpoints except the /oauth/token endpoint are secured by Bearer authentication. To access secured endpoints, you must include a Bearer authentication token in your request header.

To get a Bearer authentication token from the /oauth/token endpoint you need the client ID and client secret associated with an environment-specific API credential. To learn how to get your client ID and client secret see the Create a new API credential instructions. To learn how to get an authentication token from the /oauth/token endpoint, see the Get an authentication token tutorial.

Credential rotation

We recommend rotating API credentials for all environments at regular intervals per your organization's security policy. To learn more, see Rotate an API credential.

Explore the endpoints

Use the following resources to learn more about the Liquidity Hub API and building your integration:

Trading in the sandbox environment

The portfolio balance in the sandbox environment comes from simulated funds. You can request quotes and execute trades using these simulated funds.


The quote prices you receive in the sandbox environment don't reflect market prices.

Production-only features

The following features are currently available only in the production environment:

  • Requesting a crypto asset withdrawal: The /withdraw-crypto endpoint is only available in the production environment. Requests to this endpoint in the sandbox environment will fail.