Standard RippleNet Payment Object (SRPO)

This document provides RippleNet members with a framework for sharing data with other members during the payment process. The Standard RippleNet Payment Object (SRPO) is a set of fields that must be specified by RippleNet members while sending payment information. These fields are a subset of the fields available in the Supporting Info JSON Schema (RPO).

The SRPO fields provide sufficient data to meet the information requirements of members in most payment corridors to process cross-border payments. Standardizing the supporting information exchanged between RippleNet members enhances interoperability and facilitates quicker integrations when expanding into new payment corridors or connecting with new partners on RippleNet.

The RippleNet Payment Object Supporting Information Schema aligns to the ISO20022 PACS.008 message format, as such each property of the JSON schema shares the same naming convention as the equivalent ISO 20022 definition. The framework and alignment with ISO 20022 enable interoperability with the variety of RippleNet members and their back office systems.

Field usage

Properties of objects and strings that are denoted as "Required" are included in the supporting information section of the SRPO and must be specified while sending payment information.

Additionally, properties denoted as "Required" in Supporting info properties are generated and used by the RippleNet Server throughout the payment process and must be present.

All other fields in this document are optional. In some cases, the sending member may be required to include additional fields according to the receiving member's local regulations. It is the responsibility of the receiving member to advise the sending member of the fields they require for them to successfully process the payment.

Camel case

Fields derived from ISO 20022 standards use camel case. Make sure you use camel case for all ISO-derived fields.

Correct usage: ChrgBr

Incorrect usage: Chargbr

Soft fields

Fields denoted as "Soft" are fields that do not currently map to the PACS.008 message specification. These fields may be replaced or updated if they are introduced into the ISO 20022 PACS.008 message specification.

Character support

Default on RippleNet: UTF-8 (characters 32 through 126 including special characters), and alphanumeric English and special characters needing escape sequences. Other languages as part of UTF-8 can be supported by receiving members on request.

Character Escape Sequence
Quotation mark \”
Reverse solidus \ | \\
Solidus / \/
Backspace \b
Formfeed \f
Newline \n
Carriage return \r
Horizontal tab \t
4 hexadecimal digits \u followed by four-hex-digits

Post-settlement data

If a receiving member provides data to the sending member after settlement, that information should be populated in the supporting information section of the RippleNet Payment Object.

Extraction and truncation

Due to the impact of some message formats, data held within the Standard RippleNet Payment Object may require truncation when extracting into other formats.