Onboarding process

The Ripple Payments onboarding process, managed by your Ripple customer partner engineer, consists of the following milestones:

Ripple Payments onboarding process


This process is specific to Ripple Payments with On-Demand Liquidity customers integrating with RippleNet.

Project planning

The project planning phase starts with the project kickoff meeting. Ripple then provides you with access to Ripple Payments and your partner's RippleNet Payment Object (RPO) schema, before drafting and finalizing the project plan.

Connection agreement

For the connection agreement phase, customers will:

  • Finalize the details of their partnership
  • Discuss and finalize the Ripple Payments use case specifics
  • Complete any required onboarding or KYC processes with Ripple or third parties.

    The specific requirements depend on the customer and the implementation.

Solution design

During the solution design phase, customers works with Ripple to:

  • Review the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) payment flow and gather solution requirements
  • Review the RPO fields in the receiving institution's schema
  • Examine the Postman collection of RippleNet API operations
  • Scope the effort for developing the RippleNet integration layer
  • Project transaction and volume forecasts


The implementation phase is where customers build out the RippleNet integration layer, and includes the following steps:

  • Set up the Ripple Payments with ODL test environment
  • Develop middleware to integrate the RippleNet API for payment flow
  • Test payment flow
  • Complete the integration layer review

User acceptance testing

For the User Acceptance Testing phase, customers:

  • Migrate to the ODL UAT environment
  • Update the middleware in the staging environment
  • Execute ODL flow test cases with the receiving institution's RPO schema

Production launch

During the commercial launch phase of a Ripple Payments implementation, customers work with Ripple to:

  • Confirm transaction and volume forecasts
  • Migrate to the production environment of Ripple Payments with ODL
  • Fund the digital asset exchange account
  • Execute and validate the production verification test for ODL payment flows
  • Increase ODL volume from 1% to 100%

Post-launch review

For the post-launch review phase, Ripple collects customer feedback and introduces the Technical Services team.