Introduction to Ripple Payments

Welcome to Ripple Payments documentation. This site contains complete technical information on Ripple Payments concepts, integration decisions, middleware development, tools, and testing.

Ripple Payments Overview

Ripple Payments reduces the friction of cross-border payments, improving your and your customers’ experience through:

  • Bi-directional messaging
  • Optimized settlement
  • Unique liquidity solutions

About Ripple Payments Customers

Ripple Payments customers include a broad range of payment providers, banks, and multinational businesses from around the world.

Payment providers

  • Traditional remitters
  • Digitally-led remitters
  • FX brokers
  • Payment service companies


  • Global tier-1 banks
  • Multi-country regional banks
  • Local banks
  • Digital banks

Multinational businesses

  • Different types of corporations

In addition to customers, Ripple works with partners and infrastructure providers to provide important services with respect to Ripple Payments.

The number and breadth of interconnected customers, partners, and infrastructure providers provides Ripple Payments with a network of institutions that can quickly and efficiently send and receive payments around the world.

Payment participants

For more information on how Ripple Payments customers participate in payment transactions, see Payment participants.