Liquidity Hub API (0.1.0)

The Liquidity Hub API enables you to request and execute quotes, retrieve the list of trades, and view your portfolio balance.


All Liquidity Hub API endpoints except the /oauth/token endpoint are secured by Bearer authentication. To access secured endpoints, you must include a Bearer authentication token in your request header.

API headers

All requests must include the Content-Type header of application/json. Requests to all secured Liquidity Hub API endpoints must include the Authorization header with the value of Bearer <bearer-token>.

API environments

Environment name URL Recommended usage
Production Deploy your integration. All Production events are billable.
Sandbox Build and test your integration. All sandbox events are non-billable. Quote prices returned in this environment don't reflect market prices.

A note about property data types

Some properties in the Liquidity Hub API have the string data type but have values that are numbers. This is because the string data type best accommodates the level of accuracy required to return numbers that represent digital asset prices and quantities. These values are returned with an accuracy of up to eight decimal places.