User management

Managing your users and their permissions is essential to keeping your payment operations secure. The user permissions available in the RippleNet Home enable you to assign granular permissions to each user, giving them the appropriate level of access.

Users list view


You must be an Administrator to access the Users page. Check your permissions in your RippleNet Home user profile.

When you add a new user in RippleNet Home, the available user roles and permissions provide control over each user access to system functionality. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

New User page

User roles

The following user roles are available in RippleNet Home:

Role Description
Organization Administrator A user in this role is automatically assigned all available permissions.
Regular User A user in this role may be assigned permissions by the Organization Administrator.

User permissions

The following user permissions are available in RippleNet Home:

Permission Description
Company Profiles RippleNet partner company profiles and public information.
Ripple Payment Object (RPO) Schema Repository of RPO schemas within each company profile.
Exchanges (ODL only) Credentials for connected Digital Asset Exchanges.
Mock Exchanges (ODL only) Accounts for exchange connection tests.
API Credentials Credentials for connecting to your RippleNet instance.
RippleNet Cloud IP Allowlist IPs that allow your team to connect to your RippleNet instance.
Payments Access to payments in test, UAT, and production environments. The Edit permission enables use to initiate payments.
Authorize Payments Users with this permission may authorize or reject payments that have been initiated.
Accounts Access to accounts involved in RippleNet payments, both sender and receiver. The Edit permission enables you to create, edit, and manage accounts.
Connection Projects (ODL only) Access to currently connected and available exchanges.
Reporting Credentials (On-prem only) Credentials that allow you to access generate usage reports.
RippleNet Server Download (On-prem only) Repository of RippleNet Server files for download.

Available user management actions

If you are an Organization Administrator, you can perform the following user management actions from the Users page:

  • Add a new user
  • Edit an existing user
  • Delete a user

Add a new user

To create a user:

  1. Click the Settings tab in the left nav bar to view the Settings page.
  2. Click Users to display the Users page.
  3. Click the New User button in the upper right corner to display the New User page.
  4. Fill in basic information for the new user: First Name , Last Name , and Email address.

    The email address is the permanent username for this account. RippleNet Home uses this address to contact the user and set up a password.

  5. Choose a User Type .

    An institution can only have five Organization Administrator accounts with full permissions for RippleNet Home (including user management). All other user accounts are Regular User accounts with permissions set by an administrator.

  6. To set common permissions for a regular user account, start by choosing a permission set that most closely describes the type of activities the users will perform: Select one of the four permission set buttons.

    RippleNet Home turns on the permissions granted for that permission set.

  7. To modify a set’s permissions, select the checkboxes for permissions you want to turn on or off.

    If you don’t want to begin with a permission set, you can set permissions from scratch by selecting checkboxes of permissions you want.

  8. To create the new user account, select Save User at the bottom of the page.

    RippleNet Home displays the Users page and lists your new user.

Whenever you create a new user, your RippleNet instance sends email to the user with both a link for RippleNet Home access and instructions for setting up a password. It’s up to the new user to create their new account using the emailed credentials.

Edit a user account

To edit an existing user account:

  1. Select Settings in the left nav bar, then the Users option on the Settings page.
  2. Find the user you want to modify and click the user name link.

Edit user page

  1. Set revised account parameters the same way you set them when creating a new user.

    You can’t change the email address. It must remain the same for authentication purposes.

  2. Select Save User to put your account changes into effect.

You can delete a user account by choosing Delete User from the more options menu.


RippleNet Home provides three environments that correspond to different phases of your implementation:

  • Test provides a version of RippleNet Home and its surrounding elements that your institution’s developers use to integrate RippleNet with your institution. The environment can change regularly as integration proceeds, and has no real-world consequences.
  • UAT provides a version of RippleNet Home and its surrounding elements where user acceptance testing can take place.
  • Production is the real-world environment of RippleNet Home , where the transfer of actual funds takes place.