Company profile

The Company Profile page provides a way to edit the information in your institution’s profile as it appears to other institutions.


For receiving institutions, the Company Profile includes the set of Ripple Payment Object (RPO) schemas to accept different types of payments.

Company profile form

The RippleNet Company Profile form allow you to define the characteristics of your organization.

Company profile form

There are four categories of your RippleNet Company Profile:

  1. General
  2. Holidays
  3. Relationship Contact
  4. Dispute Contact


The General category includes the following fields:

  • Company name
  • Country of operation
  • Timezone
  • Time to credit
  • Supported currencies

General category


The Holidays category allows you to add dates when your organization will not be operational.

The Add Holiday modal provides fields for defining the name and date of the holiday.

Holidays category

Relationship Contact

Your Relationship Contact is the person responsible for managing general communications with your partner.

Relationship contact

Dispute Contact

Your Dispute Contact is the person responsible for handling disputed transactions.

Dispute contact

Publish Profile

Once you have entered all of the information in your Company Profile, click the Publish Profile button.

Publish profile