Account details

RippleNet Home displays account information and tools for managing accounts on the Account details page. Simply select the account name to display an historical list of transactions for the account.

Account details

Fund transfers

The Account details page also provides buttons (Redeem Funds and Fund Account) that, for fiat-only customers, carry out funds transfers between accounts.

Column Description
Transaction ID The unique ID assigned to the transaction when it was initiated. Each Transaction ID link opens the transaction details page for the transaction.
Created At Timestamp that represents when the transaction was initiated.
Type There are two types of account transactions:
  1. Transfers:A movement of funds from one account to another owned by the same institution.
  2. Payments:One or more transfers made between ledgers owned by different institutions. Debits funds in the originator's account at the originating instution and credits the beneficiary's institution's.
Change Represents the transaction amount, either positive or negative.
Balance Represent the account balance amount after the transaction occurred.

Edit account

The Edit button displays the Edit account page where you can change account parameters.

Edit account page

Field Description
Account Name The technical name of the ledger account that adheres to the RippleNet account naming scheme.
Currency The ISO 4217 three-letter code that represent the account currency.
Minimum Allowed Balance The minimum account balance for RippleNet payments (can be negative).
Maximum Allowed Balance The maximum account balance for RippleNet payments.
Low Liquidity Threshold Value for the account that, when reached, triggers a notification in the RippleNet Payment Object.
Scale The number of digits to the right of the decimal point for the account.
Rounding Mode Determines how values are rounded according the to the account scale. The rounding modes are:
  • DOWN: Always rounds towards 0:
    • 5.9 -> 5
  • UP: Always rounds away from 0:
    • 5.1 -> 6
  • HALF_DOWN: Rounds to nearest, and if midway, rounds like DOWN:
    • 5.2 -> 5
    • 5.8 -> 6
    • 5.5 -> 5
  • HALF_UP: Rounds to nearest, and if midway, rounds like UP:
    • 5.2 -> 5
    • 5.8 -> 6
    • 5.5 -> 6
  • HALF_EVEN: rounds to nearest, and if midway, rounds to even number:
    • 5.2 -> 5
    • 5.8 -> 6
    • 5.5 -> 6
    • 4.5 -> 4
Owner/Address The RippleNet address of the owner of the account

Partner account ledger

For an account in a partner’s RippleNet ledger, select the account name to display the account’s parameters and a list of transactions with the account.

Partner account details