Sender payment flow

Use the orchestration API operations to integrate RippleNet into your payment system. These API operations also let you use webhooks to receive notifications about changes to the status of your RippleNet payments.

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Orchestration API operations

The API operations for orchestration payments fall into three main categories.

Orchestration payments

Use these operations to work with payments in the RippleNet payment flow.

Operation Method Description
Create orchestration payment POST Create a payment using orchestration.
Get orchestration payments GET Get all payments initiated using orchestration.
Get orchestration payment GET Get an orchestration payment by unique reference number.
Accept orchestration payment POST Accept an orchestration payment by customer end-to-end ID.

Orchestration payment notifications

Use these operations to get notifications about payments initiated using the orchestration payment flow.

Operation Method Description
Get orchestration notifications by status GET Get notifications that have a given notification status.
Get orchestration notification GET Get a given payment notification with specified UUID.
Acknowledge orchestration notification PUT Acknowledge a notification with a specified UUID.
Acknowledge orchestration notifications PUT Acknowledge multiple notifications using a group of UUIDs.

Orchestration payment actions

Use this operation to perform various webhook-enabled actions on payments.

Operation Method Description
Post action to orchestration payment POST Post action into the orchestration service.