RippleNet features

RippleNet improves efficiency in cross-border payments with robust features for messaging, settlement, and FX management.

The main features of RippleNet include:

  • The RippleNet APIs
  • RippleNet Home

RippleNet API

RippleNet features a set of APIs that enable rapid scaling, efficient processing, and enhanced strategic capabilities. The set of APIs includes:

  • RippleNet Orchestration
  • RippleNet Server
  • Smart Liquidation Service

You can integrate RippleNet with your payment system using a few API operations. Our broad selection of API operations lets you add any feature required by your use case.

  • Quickly and easily establish connections
  • Reuse existing technology integration for short time-to-market
  • Consistent, efficient operational network
  • Network roadmap enables future improvements

RippleNet Home

RippleNet Home is a user interface designed to help you manage all aspects of your business on RippleNet, from peering with network partners to monitoring payments.

  • Create new payments
  • Monitor and troubleshoot payments
  • Analyze payment execution
  • Manage RippleNet Home users
  • Set up and manage accounts
  • Define your institution profile
  • Manage and retrieve API credentials
  • View your partner's RippleNet Payment Object schema
  • Define a RippleNet Cloud IP Allowlist
  • Monitor instance health
  • Check partner connections
  • Create service desk tickets for technical support

ODL features

ODL is a cutting-edge liquidity solution for RippleNet that allows for instant settlement without the need to hold pre-funded capital in a destination market.

ODL provides:

  • Real-time settlement of payment funds
  • Access to payout rails around the globe
  • Upfront visibility of fees in addition to end-to-end payment status
  • Automatic payout from certain exchanges to the beneficiary's bank account