Profile Editor

The Profile Editor (under Test Profiles) lets you create and edit test profiles within the Test Harness UI. A test profile is a document that defines a set of related test cases.

Create new test profile

To create a new test profile:

  1. Click Test Content > Test Profiles .
  2. Click New Profile and do one of the following:
    • To upload a JSON-formatted test profile, select Upload .
    • to create a test profile from scratch, select Create .
  3. Name the new test profile. If you selected Create , you must also specify the Profile Type :
    • For Sender tests, select Sender .
    • For Receiver tests, select Receiver .
  4. Click OK .

If you upload a valid test profile, you will receive confirmation in the UI that the profile was successfully uploaded.

If you create a test profile from scratch, you are taken to the Profile Editor page where you can add test cases for your test profile from a template or define your own.

Create Test Profile

Define test cases

To define test cases in a new test profile:

  1. Click Add Test Case .
    • To create a test case from scratch, select New .
    • To create a test case from a list of test case templates, select From Template . Then click Select to choose the test case template you want.
  2. If you selected New , in the Test Case Editor , fill out or modify the fields for your test case. The following is an example of a test case that fails post-settlement.
  3. Click OK to save the test case.
  4. Click the blue Save button to save your test profile.

Test Case Editor

Edit a test profile

To edit a test profile:

  1. Under Test Profiles , select the name of the test profile you want to edit. This takes you to the Profile Editor.
  2. In Profile Editor, you have the option to:
    • Disable or Enable your test profile for Active tests. Disabled profiles cannot be used for new Active tests.
    • Edit your test profile's test cases. If you decide to not keep your pending changes, you can Revert to the previous version.
    • Save As or make a copy of your test profile under a new name.
    • Export your test profile as a JSON file.

Edit Test Profile