Test Harness overview

RippleNet Test Harness is a hosted environment that simulates the integration software (or "middleware") of your RippleNet partner and facilitates the testing of end-to-end payment flows, that is sending and receiving.

Test Harness Overview

What the Test Harness is

The Test Harness is a tool that helps you, a RippleNet member, put your integration software through realistic and repeatable test scenarios so that you can run partner-to-partner UAT tests with some confidence that your RippleNet integration works.

The Test Harness attaches to a single RippleNet Server instance using its RESTful API to either initiate or receive test payments. It provides a UI for toggling polling processes, uploading new test content, starting and stopping tests, and reviewing test results.

Specifically, the Test Harness is a tool that helps

  • Receivers develop a robust and valid JSON schema for their RPO
  • Senders validate integration software against partner RPO schemas
  • All RippleNet members run UAT tests with confidence

What the Test Harness is not

The Test Harness sends and receives API calls, but it does not

  • Handle load testing
  • Simulate RippleNet components, such as On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) but works with them
  • Test multi-hop payment scenarios (with intermediaries) but single-hop payments only

The Test Harness can serve as a receiver in a multi-hop payment but not as an intermediary. An intermediary means that you need to install a real RippleNet Server to serve as an intermediary for multi-hop testing.

When you set up a test environment, you must deploy all RippleNet components to match the production scenario being tested. That is, in addition to setting up your own RippleNet Server environment and integration software, you must also install a partner RippleNet Server environment that connects to a Test Harness instance. Your Ripple Success Engineer can help with this.