Run passive mode receiver tests

This short tutorial demonstrates how you can use the Test Harness to send and process a single payment to the RippleNet UI.

  1. Log on to the Test Harness that sends payments (to run “receiver tests”).
  2. Click the Passive Mode tab > Settings and enable Auto Settle .
  3. Click the Single Payment tab > Submit Payment using the default values.
  4. Click OK to send one payment.
  5. Watch the payment lock, settle, and complete on the test record page.
  6. Log on to the RippleNet UI and view the payment.

This scenario requires that the receiving system automatically locks and completes the payment.

Test Harness that simulates a payment sender (and runs “Receiver Tests”)

Simulated Sender Test Harness

Test Record of completed payment in passive mode (Payment ID b993fd83)

Single Payment History

Payment completed in receivers’s RippleNet UI (Payment ID b993fd83)

Single Payment Received in RippleNet UI