IP allowlisting

Ripple is committed to the security of RippleNet on which you continue to entrust the safety of your payment transactions on a daily basis. To maintain the high standards of security you expect from RippleNet, it is essential that we remain vigilant of the IP addresses that are allowed to connect with the network. Ripple enforces IP address restrictions for all hosted customers.

To access RippleNet services, you must add any IP addresses that will be connecting to RippleNet servers to the RippleNet allowlist. IP addresses that are not explicitly allowlisted by customers will not be allowed to connect to RippleNet. If a trusted IP address is not duly allowlisted, it may lead to payment transaction failures.

For efficiency, we recommend that you route traffic through proxy servers with static IP addresses so you may avoid having to allowlist and maintain a large number of IP addresses.

Allowlist IP addresses for RippleNet


To add an IP address to the allowlist, you must have permissions to view and edit the RippleNet IP Allowlist. Your user profile page lists the permissions you have.

To add IP addresses to the RippleNet allowlist:

  1. Log in to RippleNet Home .
  2. Select Settings from the menu on the left side of the page.
  3. On the Settings page, select RippleNet Cloud IP Allowlist .
  4. In the dropdown menu at the top of the page, select the environment for which you want to allowlist the IP.
  5. On the top right of the page, Select New IP Allowlist Address .
  6. In the Enter IP Address field, enter the IP address.
  7. Select Save .


The new IP address is now listed in the allowlist table.


RippleNet Home v1 lets you add up to 8 IP addresses to the allowlist, and this number is increased to 24 in RippleNet Home v2. If you need to add more IP addresses to the allowlist, please submit a ‘Severity 4’ ticket in the Customer Success Portal on RippleNet Home, or for this or any other request or question about allowlisting, send an email to technicalsupport@ripple.com with the phrase "IP allowlisting" in the subject line.