Underlying reason for the payment transaction.

  • Is optional
  • Type: object

The known values are "soft" fields. For more information, see Soft Fields.

With following properties:

Property Type Required Description
Cd String Optional Underlying reason for the payment transaction, as published in an external purpose code list. Based on ISO20022 ExternalPurpose1Code List 27-Aug-2021, the value of this property must be equal to one of the known values below.
Prtry String Optional Field to support proprietary value. Maximum length: 35 characters.
Cd known values
Value Description
ACCT Account Management
ADCS Advisory Donation Copyright Services
ADMG Administrative Management
ADVA Advance Payment
AEMP Active Employment Policy
AGRT AgriculturalTransfer
ALLW Allowance
ALMY Alimony Payment
ANNI Annuity
ANTS Anesthesia Services
AREN Accounts Receivables Entry
B112 Trailer Fee Payment
BBSC Baby Bonus Scheme
BCDM Bearer Cheque Domestic
BCFG Bearer Cheque Foreign
BECH Child Benefit
BENE Unemployment Disability Benefit
BEXP Business Expenses
BFWD Bond Forward
BKDF Bank Loan Delayed Draw Funding
BKFE Bank Loan Fees
BKFM Bank Loan Funding Memo
BKIP Bank Loan Accrued Interest Payment
BKPP Bank Loan Principal Paydown
BLDM Building Maintenance
BNET Bond Forward Netting
BOCE Back Office Conversion Entry
BONU Bonus Payment
BR12 Trailer Fee Rebate
CAFI Custodian Management fee In-house
CASH Cash Management Transfer
CBFF Capital Building
CBFR Capital Building Retirement
CBLK Card Bulk Clearing
CBTV Cable TV Bill
CCHD Cash compensation, Helplessness, Disability
CCIR Cross Currency IRS
CCPC CCP Cleared Initial Margin
CCPM CCP Cleared Variation Margin
CCRD Credit Card Payment
CCSM CCP Cleared Initial Margin Segregated Cash
CDBL Credit Card Bill
CDCB Card Payment with CashBack
CDCD Cash Disbursement Cash Settlement
CDCS Cash Disbursement with Surcharging
CDDP Card Deferred Payment
CDEP Credit default event payment
CDOC Original Credit
CDQC QuasiCash
CFDI Capital falling due In-house
CFEE Cancellation Fee
CGDD Card Generated Direct Debit
CHAR Charity Payment
CLPR Car Loan Principal Repayment
CMDT Commodity Transfer
COLL Collection Payment
COMC Commercial Payment
COMM Commission
COMP Compensation Payment
COMT Consumer Third Party Consolidated Payment
CORT Trade Settlement Payment
COST Costs
CPKC Carpark Charges
CPYR Copyright
CRDS Credit DefaultSwap
CRPR Cross Product
CRSP Credit Support
CRTL Credit Line
CSDB Cash Disbursement Cash Management
CSLP Company Social Loan Payment To Bank
CVCF Convalescent Care Facility
DBTC Debit Collection Payment
DCRD Debit Card Payment
DEPT Deposit
DERI Derivatives
DIVD Dividend
DMEQ Durable Medicale Equipment
DNTS Dental Services
DSMT Printed Order Disbursement
DVPM Deliver Against Payment
ECPG Guaranteed EPayment
ECPR EPayment Return
ECPU Non Guaranteed EPayment
EDUC Education
ELEC Electricity Bill
ENRG Energies
EPAY Epayment
EQPT Equity Option
EQUS Equity Swap
ESTX Estate Tax
ETUP E-Purse Top Up
EXPT Exotic Option
EXTD Exchange Traded Derivatives
FACT Factor Update related payment
FAND Financial Aid In Case Of Natural Disaster
FAMI Family Supported Related Payments
FCOL Fee Collection
FCPM Late Payment of Fees & Charges
FEES Payment of Fees
FERB Ferry
FIXI Fixed Income
FNET Futures Netting Payment
FORW Forward Foreign Exchange
FREX Foreign Exchange
FUTR Futures
FWBC Forward Broker Owned Cash Collateral
FWCC Forward Client Owned Cash Collateral
FWLV Foreign Worker Levy
FWSB Forward Broker Owned Cash Collateral Segregated
FWSC Forward Client Owned Segregated Cash Collateral
FXNT Foreign Exchange Related Netting
GASB Gas Bill
GDDP Purchase or sale of daily provisions
GDDS Purchase or sale of goods
GDFR Purchase or sale of goods fashion and retail cosmetics
GDSV Purchase Sale Of Goods And Services
GELE Purchase or sale of goods electronics
GFRP Guarantee Fund Rights Payment
GOVI Government Insurance
GOVT Government Payment
GSCB Purchase Sale Of Goods And Services With CashBack
GSTX Goods & Services Tax
GTOY Purchase or sale of goods toys
GVEA Austrian Government Employees Category A
GVEB Austrian Government Employees Category B
GVEC Austrian Government Employees Category C
GVED Austrian Government Employees Category D
GWLT Goverment War Legislation Transfer
HEDG Hedging
HLRP Housing Loan Repayment
HLTC Home Health Care
HLTI Health Insurance
HREC Housing Related Contribution
HSPC Hospital Care
HSTX Housing Tax
ICCP Irrevocable Credit Card Payment
ICRF Intermediate Care Facility
IDCP Irrevocable Debit Card Payment
IHRP Instalment Hire Purchase Agreement
INPC Insurance Premium Car
INSM Installment
INSU Insurance Premium
INTC Intra Company Payment
INTP Intra Party Payment
INTE Interest
INTX Income Tax
INVS Investment & Securities
IVPT Invoice Payment
LBIN Lending Buy-In Netting
LBRI Labor Insurance
LCOL Lending Cash Collateral Free Movement
LFEE Lending Fees
LICF License Fee
LIFI Life Insurance
LIMA Liquidity Management
LMEQ Lending Equity marked-to-market cash collateral
LMFI Lending Fixed Income marked-to-market cash collateral
LMRK Lending unspecified type of marked-to-market cash collateral
LOAR Loan Repayment
LREB Lending rebate payments
LREV Lending Revenue Payments
LSFL Lending Claim Payment
LTCF Long Term Care Facility
MAFC Medical Aid Fund Contribution
MARG Daily margin on listed derivatives
MBSB MBS Broker Owned Cash Collateral
MBSC MBS Client Owned Cash Collateral
MCDM Multi Curreny Cheque Domestic
MCFG Multi Curreny Cheque Foreign
MDCS Medical Services
MGCC Futures Initial Margin
MGSC Futures Initial Margin Client Owned Segregated Cash Collateral
MISC Miscellaneous
MP2B Mobile P2B Payment
MP2P Mobile P2P Payment
MSVC Multiple Service Types
MTUP Mobile Top Up
NETT Netting
NITX Net Income Tax
NOWS Not Otherwise Specified
NWCH Network Charge
NWCM Network Communication
OCCC Client owned OCC pledged collateral
OCDM Order Cheque Domestic
OCFG Order Cheque Foreign
OFEE Opening Fee
OPBC OTC Option Broker owned Cash collateral
OPCC OTC Option Client owned Cash collateral
OPSB OTC Option Broker Owned Segregated Cash Collateral
OPSC OTC Option Client Owned Cash Segregated Cash Collateral
OPTN FX Option
OTCD OTC Derivatives
OTHR Other
OTLC Other Telecom Related Bill
PADD Preauthorized debit
PAYR Payroll
PEFC Pension Fund Contribution
PENO Payment Based On Enforcement Order
PENS Pension Payment
PHON Telephone Bill
POPE Point of Purchase Entry
PPTI Property Insurance
PRCP Price Payment
PRME Precious Metal
PTSP Payment Terms
PTXP Property Tax
RCKE Re-presented Check Entry
RCPT Receipt Payment
RDTX Road Tax
REBT Rebate
REFU Refund
RELG Rental Lease General
REMT Remittance
REOD Account Overdraft Repayment
REPO Repurchase Agreement
RHBS Rehabilitation Support
RIMB Reimbursement of a previous erroneous transaction
RINP Recurring Installment Payment
RLWY Railway
ROYA Royalties
RPBC Bi-lateral repo broker owned collateral
RPCC Repo client owned collateral
RPNT Bi-lateral repo internet netting
RPSB Bi-lateral repo broker owned segregated cash collateral
RPSC Bi-lateral Repo client owned segregated cash collateral
RRBN Round Robin
RRTP Related Request to Pay
RVPM Receive Against Payment
RVPO Reverse Repurchase Agreement
SALA Salary Payment
SAVG Savings
SBSC Securities Buy Sell Sell Buy Back
SCEX Purchase or sale of services exhibition
SCHR Purchase or sale of services human resource
SCIE Single Currency IRS Exotic
SCIN Purchase or sale of services interpretation
SCIR Single Currency IRS
SCRP Securities Cross Products
SCSD Purchase or sale of services software development
SCTS Purchase or sale of services translation
SCTX Service tax
SCVE Purchase Sale Of Services
SCWD Purchase or sale of services web design or development
SECU Securities
SEPI Securities Purchase In-house
SHBC Broker owned collateral Short Sale
SHCC Client owned collateral Short Sale
SHSL Short Sell
SLEB Securities Lending And Borrowing
SLOA SecuredLoan
SLPI Payment Slip Instruction
SPLT Split payments
SRAG Purchase or sale of services estate agency
SSBE Social Security Benefit
STDY Study
SUBS Subscription
SUPP Supplier Payment
SWBC Swap Broker owned cash collateral
SWCC Swap Client owned cash collateral
SWFP Swap contract final payment
SWPP Swap contract partial payment
SWPT Swaption
SWRS Swap contract reset payment
SWSB Swaps Broker Owned Segregated Cash Collateral
SWSC Swaps Client Owned Segregated Cash Collateral
SWUF Swap contract upfront payment
TAXR Tax Refund
TAXS Tax Payment
TBAN TBA pair-off netting
TBAS To Be Announced
TBBC TBA Broker owned cash collateral
TBCC TBA Client owned cash collateral
TBIL Telecommunications Bill
TCSC Town Council Service Charges
TELI Telephone-Initiated Transaction
TLRF Non-US mutual fund trailer fee payment
TLRR Non-US mutual fund trailer fee rebate payment
TMPG TMPG claim payment
TPRI Tri Party Repo Interest
TPRP Tri-party Repo netting
TRAD Trade Services
TRCP Treasury Cross Product
TREA Treasury Payment
TRFD Trust Fund
TRNC Truncated Payment Slip
TRPT Road Pricing
TRVC Traveller Cheque
UBIL Utilities
UNIT Unit Trust Purchase
VATX Value Added Tax Payment
VIEW Vision Care
WEBI Internet-Initiated Transaction
WHLD With Holding
WTER Water Bill
SERV Service Charges
HLST Home Loan Settlement
INPR Insurance Premium Refund
INSC Payment of Insurance Claim
RRCT ReimbursementReceivedCreditTransfer
IPAY Instant Payments
IPCA Instant Payments Cancellation
IPDO Instant Payments for donations
IPEA Instant Payments in E-Commerce without address data
IPEC Instant Payments in E-Commerce with address data
IPEW Instant Payments in E-Commerce
IPPS Instant Payments at POS
IPRT Instant Payments return
IPU2 Instant Payments unattended vending machine with 2FA
IPUW Instant Payments unattended vending machine without 2FA
SPSP SalaryPensionSumPayment
MARF Medical Aid Refund

JSON schema extract

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"Purp": {
    "type": "object",
    "description": "Underlying reason for the payment transaction.",
    "properties": {
        "Cd": {
            "type": "string",
            "description": "Underlying reason for the payment transaction, as published in an external purpose code list. Based on ISO20022 ExternalPurpose1Code List 29May2020",
            "enum": [
        "Prtry": {
            "type": "string",
            "description": "Field to support proprietary value",
            "maxLength": 35