List based on ISO20022 ExternalCategoryPurpose1Code List 27-Aug-2021. The value of this property must be equal to one of the known values.

Known values

Value Description
BONU Bonus Payment
CASH Cash Management Transfer
CBLK Card Bulk Clearing
CCRD Credit Card Payment
CORT TradeSettlementPayment
DCRD Debit Card Payment
DIVI Dividend
DVPM Deliver Against Payment
EPAY Epayment
FCIN Fee Collection and Interest
FCOL Fee Collection
GOVT Government Payment
GP2P Person-to-Person Payment
HEDG Hedging
ICCP Irrevocable Credit Card Payment
IDCP Irrevocable Debit Card Payment
INTC Intra Company Payment
INTE Interest
LBOX Lockbox Transactions
MP2B Commercial
MP2P Consumer
OTHR Other Payment
PENS Pension Payment
RPRE Represented
RRCT ReimbursementReceivedCreditTransfer
RVPM Receive Against Payment
SALA Salary Payment
SECU Securities
SSBE Social Security Benefit
SUPP Supplier Payment
TAXS Tax Payment
TRAD Trade
TREA Treasury Payment
VATX Value Added Tax Payment
WHLD WithHolding

JSON schema extract

"levelofpurpose": {
    "type": "string",
    "description": "List based on ISO20022 ExternalCategoryPurpose1Code List 29May2020",
    "enum": [