Portfolio page

The Portfolio page in Liquidity Hub UI displays the list of digital assets and balances in your organization's account.

Total fiat balance

The total fiat balance represents the total amount of USD held in your Liquidity Hub account.

The total fiat balance includes both reserved and available balances, so the amount of fiat available for trading or withdrawals may be different from the total fiat balance. For more information on reserved and available balances, see the table below.

To see recent withdrawal and deposit activity associated with your account, click View transfers history.

Portfolio information

The portfolio list columns provide additional information about each digital asset held in your account.

Column Description
Asset The symbol of the digital asset held in your Liquidity Hub portfolio.
Reserved Balance The quantity of the digital asset that you cannot use for trading. A non-zero reserved balance typically indicates that there are pending trades involving that digital asset.

Note: A reserved balance on the USD asset may also be because of a pending withdrawal request.
Available Balance The amount of the digital asset that you can use for trading.

Note: For the USD asset, this is also the amount of the asset you can request to withdraw from your Liquidity Hub account.
Total Balance The sum of the amounts in the Reserved Balance and Available Balance columns. Specified in units of the digital asset.

Download portfolio information

To download your portfolio, click Download at the top right of the page. You will get a .csv file containing all asset balances.